Thursday, January 27, 2011

When life hands you lemons...make Lemon Chiffon Cake!

Listening to Frank Sinatra as I write today..I heart Frank!
I woke up today with the biggest urge for French Toast. Luckily I had all supplies in house so why not? The boyfriend wasnt complaining So I got to work. A cold day called for French Toast, homefries and a huge mug of English Breakfast tea. I was munching on my fries when I realized how much I love being in a kitchen when I don't have to be.
My full time job of 3 years let me go New Years Day. I was an Assistant Manager at a local restaurants bakery. That where I met my bestie Juggling Act. I started off as a packer and the cake decorator and worked my way up.
When I was told that they wouldnt be asking me to return at the end of our yearly layoff period, I was upset and angry. As any normal human being would be. Initial panic cause of the way the economy is.
But then I realized that it wasnt personal, no matter how much it felt like it. It was business. I cost them too much. Plain and simple. So I went home, cried about it for about an hour. Called the bestie. And then realized that Im going to be just fine. I still had my part time job at a kitchen supply store. And with my experience, I could find any job I wanted. Both bosses told me I would have letters of recommendation from them and great referances as well. I wasnt going to panic.
Now I have the time to rekindle my passion for baking. I can do it for fun and with love. Ill be honest. Working at a restaurant where you make the same thing everyday is too boring for me. I understand the consistency aspect and food cost and all of that. Still was getting boring for me. I would zone out during half my day, or listen to an audio book in my work room. And still be able to have a great and consistent product.
I think since I am off for the next 3 days and there is about a ton of snow outside, Im going to research cake ideas, cupcake ideas and candy ideas as well. I am 28 years old and although I have had amazing opportunities in my life I need new ones. I love to bake and decorate. To be able to manipulate a cake into a shape and decorate it is what I love to do most of all.
Now its time to challenge myself. Time to do great and amazing things. And I started with French Toast...

Sweet kisses...
Monkey cake for besties lil year old already! Where did the year go?



  1. That monkey cake was such a hit! As was my "30" cake at my're an AWESOME decorater!!