Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Stitch in Time

So today is a Lilo and Stitch kind of day. You know that one movie that no matter how crappy you feel you know it will cheer you up? Well Lilo and Stitch is my movie. Todays not bad. Im just worn out a little.
There's been a ton going on the past week or so. Juggling Act and I are starting our own side business and its happening fast. Which is very good. Just alot of work. Plus that and trying to be there for my boyfriend and making sure the house is taken care of. And work. Although there Im kind of lucky. The whole unemployment and part time job is kind of to our advantage right now.

So what have I dont lately? Well brownies and cupcakes are kind of a staple in my house. I live with my boyfriend and two of his friends. One Girl...Three Guys. Sounds like a soap opera gone wrong. Of course when has one gone right? lol.

So a week or so ago I made cupcakes. Jugging Act and I were getting together later that day and I try not to come empty handed. Something my mother instilled in me. :) So chocolate cupcakes it was.

Chocolate Cupcakes. Please dont mind my oven. Havent had a chance to self clean it.

I went simple this time around. I learned that when 3 guys want something sweet it had better be quick and easy. So box it was. To be honest. There is nothing wrong with a mix. You can gurantee consistency and you would be suprised to learn how many bakerys dont use scratch baking. Cause of the consistency issue being more important.

So while the cupcakes were in the oven I started on the icing.

Yup....its pink. Been in a pink mood lately. Think its Valentines Day being right around the corner thats doing it. So the icing is done and cupcakes are cooling...time to decorate.

I was just going to do the simple swirl top but when at the store I picked up Reeses pb hearts. So i decided to use them. They were so cute! The guys immediately scarfed up three or four. To the point it caused the lights to flicker in the kitchen they downed them so fast. Lol. And this is what happens when you turn your back for a second......

 This would be my boyfriend taking a lick...needless to say he had to eat it. Which he wasnt sad about. Wonder

So today is a hang out session with Juggling Act. Making brownies for tonight. Making cupcakes Saturday morning for work that night. Dinner with Matt, Juggling Act, hubs and monkey on Sunday. And possibly doing Tux and Gown strawberries as well.

But right now I think Im going to crash for an hour or so and watch some Lilo and Stitch.......
cause I need some Coconut Cake and Coffee.

Sugar Kisses,

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